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Days and days

I’ve spent the last few days doing pretty much nothing, curled up on the couch with dogs and a rapidly emptying tissue box and so many cups of tea – thyme tea, ginger tea, mullein tea, chocolate mint tea. I’ve been trying really hard to work with things that I know to help get rid of all this sinus activity without the assistance of any of the things that would mean I have to pause the medications I take for my rheumatoid arthritis.

So far, so good – I wasn’t sure there for a minute. The way my throat was feeling, I was really concerned it was headed for something that would require antibiotics (which I try to avoid for interaction reasons and for gut health reasons) but it does appear to be shaking out in my favor. Finally.

I’ve got a few posts I’ve been pecking away at that will hopefully come out soon but I’m only just really able to sit down with books again and I’m not quite finished with the new deck review but soon.

As we reach the end of this 2022 and the beginning of 2023, we can turn the page, find some new pages to fill up with hopefully good things.

gold numerals 2023 on a black background with gold ribbons, crystal wine glasses, part of a silver mirror ball, and two cupcakes decorated with gold foil.

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