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Book Review: Witch, Please by Victoria Maxwell

Cover of the book, Witch, Please by Victoria Maxwell which is light pink with gold and purple accents and a crystal style line art.
cover of Witch, Please by Victoria Maxwell

As seems to be both my preference and the norm for witchy books, it’s written in a conversational first person style. This is definitely a book geared for beginners. Again, if it hadn’t been in the humble bundle, I wouldn’t have picked it up because it is for beginners and I haven’t been one of those in a long time.

It does seem to be a pretty solid foundational book. It’s not overly Wicca based which is definite bonus points in my judging. It does have a lot about angels which, not so much my cuppa personally but I can see the value in it, for sure.

Overall, it’s a pretty thorough and solid first book for an eclectic witch that maybe isn’t so keen on Wicca. There are a lot of good points to it especially with the emphasis on journaling and exercises specifically geared to that. The example spells were pretty simple and easily followed (though some of the mentioned ingredients could have been more readily available things just as easily). The deities mentioned were a bit chaotic, pulled from various pantheons without thought to consistency.

This book does have a nice glossary and an actual index, both solid points in its favor. And the short purpose/passion section is a good read for anyone at any stage, witch or not, beginner or advanced. Good stuff there. I do think some of the suggested ingredients could have been more common without hurting the working.

Overall – a good introductory book for a witch trying to test the waters and find the right path for them.


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