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Resource Review: Astro-Herbalism with Sajah Popham

In my last post, I included some free resources with limited windows. I couldn’t pass up the teaser course from the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. In part because herbalism is one of my favorite things to learn about and in part because every time I’ve seen a workshop, video, or whatever with Sajah Popham, I always come away feeling like I learned something incredible. The teaser course was no different.

Real talk here: If it were in my current budget to do, I would already be signed up for the full course.

The teaser was still full of good information. It might be the first time I’ve ever felt like astrology was something I could possibly come to understand.

I’ve tried. I have a really interesting book on astrology from 1904. I’ve read websites, I’ve done my chart, the charts of my children, and still it feels overwhelming and out of reach. Apparently, for me, you just have to put it into the plants.

The premise is going to be a bit on the woowoo side for those witches who are strictly science minded but it is a super interesting approach. Honestly, the evolutionary herbalism in general feels that way- in many ways, so many of the modalities work together – like they’re getting to the same place just in different languages. Ayurveda makes sense paired with traditional chinese modalities as well as modern western holistic herbalism. Just different languages for the same ideas.

For right now, I’ll have to tide myself over with his book and hope that one of these days I make the budget work in my favor so I can take the full class. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for any further webstuffs from them as always. The school of evolutionary herbalism, the northwest school of aromatic medicine, the herbal academy, and the chestnut school of herbalsim are all on my list of places I want to learn from. I’ve done some of the short courses at the Herbal Academy and the Chestnut School’s freebie intro course was the first official type class on herbalism I ever took (and I’ve reviewed the Healing Garden book here which is the same people).

If herbalism and astrology and ayurveda are in your wheelhouse – you might want to check it out now – I think the current price may be a limited time offer as it is.


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