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Resource Review: Herb Magic In Ireland

The Irish Pagan School is a very interesting spot – I’ve done a number of their free courses, follow the YouTube channel, the Facebook group etc. It’s a very worthwhile follow – they share a lot of great information. I also follow Tara Tine’s YouTube channel. Really fun and interesting stuff all around.

When the two came together for a class – and one that was literally right up my alley – I had to take it.

It was not an herbalism class or a plant class in that way. It was a history class in a lot of ways and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the material in the resources and bibliography stuff. I took it live but it will continue to be available as a recorded class. The class itself was nearly an hour and a half and the q&a went for about 2 hours. Unfortunately, I had to leave about halfway through the q&a on the live and had to wait to finish that until it was posted in the classroom.

The Irish Pagan school uses teachable which is really easy to navigate and set up in a pretty user friendly way – I have several places I take classes and workshops from that use it and I’ve never had any issues.

The class itself is full of interesting information about the mythological references and historical usage of the herbs native to Ireland. I didn’t expect to honestly learn as much as I did, given how many herbalism, botany, and history classes that I’ve taken over the years and how many books I’ve read about those same topics. My own reading is not generally specific to Ireland because I’m not actually in Ireland or in the same growing zone as Ireland so some of the plants don’t correlate.

Tara does a great job putting together incredibly interesting information in an easily accessible way and goes above and beyond to answer the questions posed by the participants of the q&a. I couldn’t even stay for the entire 2 hours and I know it must have been super late in Ireland at that time.

If you’re interested in the mythology and history of the plants in Ireland – you won’t find better for the price and you’ll be supporting good people to boot which is always good.

Ireland has long been on my wish to visit list. Yes some of my ancestors are from the area (as well as Scotland and the area at the convergence of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama) but also, the mythology has always spoken to me in a familiar tone. If you’ve a similar sort of interest, you might find this class to be right up your alley too.

There are other great offerings at the Irish Pagan School and my wish list there is pretty long too!

Sorry about the absence – sometimes life does be that way. I’ve been busy and overwhelmed – I should have some book reviews soon, I just have to get my thoughts in order and be able to focus for a minute.

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