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Tarot Deck Review: 5 Cent Tarot

I adore tarot and there are a couple of decks that have been on my wishlist for a bit. This past holiday, my fabulous husband got me one of them. The 5 Cent Tarot is put out by Madam Clara and available in her Etsy shop. Mine is the Lavender background color – the edges are a little bit pink pink for me but I’m considering gilding them a bit down the road.

the 5 cent tarot cards on a table. the top card is the Justice card with a crow and a set of scales with caged fish.

At first pick up, I really like this deck. There are no people in it. The suits are a bit different. The typical symbolism we’re accustomed to isn’t really there, but it is also the easiest to read deck I’ve ever had in my hands. The pictures are easy to see, easy to read the detail on, there are key words for both upright and reversals right on the cards themselves. And while the art is busy and full, it doesn’t feel overcrowded.

The box it comes in is probably my favorite of all the boxes I’ve got decks in – it’s sturdy, opens easily, has magnetic closures – it’s wonderful. I’m not super enthused by the color but that’s really neither here nor there.

sturdy storage box for the 5 cent tarot. It is very yellow with pretty script on the sides.

The cards themselves I am really enjoying. The symbolism is lovely and easy to understand but they are very different from the decks I’ve worked with before.

5 Cent Tarot cards: The Hanged Man which is a bat hanging from his perch. The High Priestess which is a barn owl with what might be a mirror ball on her head. The Fool which is a frog.

The Fool is the card that drew me to this deck from the original listing photos. I do love a good frog. But The Hanged Man is so cute and the High Priestess so lovely. I really find myself enjoying the lack of people, the lack of gender, the lack of predefined assumptions to the cards. These just feel different, even if the meanings aren’t so far from what we think of as the “standard” meanings.

5 cent tarot non standard cards: The Beyond which looks to be a flamingo's skeleton, The Messenger which looks like a Paragren falcon to me, the Unknown which is an unhatched blue egg, and the Universe which appears to be a spiky chambered nautilus.

The non-standard cards are very interesting. I’m interested in seeing how they work in readings for sure – and I love the Universe card (but I really like the chambered nautilus). And in the corner of this picture, you can see a little peek at the two of buttons which has a really adorable ornery looking red octopus on it.

This would be a very easy deck to learn with, even if it might not give you all of the standard interpretations for the standard cards. There is a guidebook but, like the shadowscapes guidebook, it’s just a sentence or two for each card. The cards are a little thin but that makes shuffling easier and they definitely are NOT flimsy. I like that there isn’t a high gloss style finish. These cards feel pretty nice in the hand, shuffle well, and it feels like a solid deck.

Verdict is: love it. (I know, there has only been 3 decks so far in my life that I don’t like. I might have a problem.)


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