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Car Protection Spell Bag

I recently had a bit of a very badly timed occurrence that meant I had to get a new to me car (poor Sally just gave up in a way that we couldn’t fix). It couldn’t have come at a worse time to be honest, but it is what it is. So, I have cause to make a new talisman for this new to me car and I thought I’d write it up as you never know who might be looking for the same.

Supplies: A bit of fabric – I’m using a square from my scrap box sewn into a square. I did use my sewing machine, but you do not need that – you can hand stitch it.

a bowl of herbs, a small feather, a saucer for a candle holder, a purple chime candle, an unfinished purple fabric pouch, small bags of stone chips, a small gray-white feather, a whole star anise, and a lighter to light the candle.

For the herbs I’m going to make a list here you can pick and choose from as not everyone has access to the sorts of plants I have in my cupboard or garden.

  • Comfrey – For safety in travels.
  • Irish Moss – For safe travels.
  • Cinnamon – For success and protection (and because it smells nice)
  • Clove – For protection.
  • Orange Peel – For luck and good fortune.
  • Salt – to protect and amplify.
  • Peppercorns – For protection
  • Mint – also for safe travels (and because it smells nice)
  • Juniper Berries – I don’t have a sprig of juniper on hand but that would be to guard against accidents, but it is also used to guard against theft.
  • Star Anise – in this instance, I am not using it for its magical properties but as a symbol of a star, as in navigational points of old. As someone who has a terrible sense of direction – this felt like a reasonable addition for me.

A feather – I’m going to be using one left behind in my yard by one of the birds I feed– I’m not sure if it’s a dove or a titmouse or a chickadee and it really doesn’t matter too terribly much.

A small piece of quartz.
A small piece of Amethyst (which is known as a traveler’s stone).
I also used black tourmaline because I find it a useful amplifier.

A candle – whatever color feels right to you. I chose purple as it is my favorite color and matched the bag I made.

Begin by gathering everything into one space. If you need to sew your pouch, do so in advance. Clear your space, open your circle (if you use one), ring your bell (if you use one), open your ritual in the way you feel most called to do so. Light your candle.

As you add each element of the pouch, each herb, stone, or item, be sure to make your request of it clear. For example, when I added the star anise, I asked not for its deep well of botanical history but for its form as a star, as in ‘A star to sail her by’. When I added the small gray white feather, I asked for the guidance and sureness of a bird on the wing.

While your candle burns, stitch up your pouch (machine or hand). Carefully, take your little sachet and well above the candle out of danger of catching or being too hot, move the sachet in small circles – while moving it clockwise, call in the light, call for safety, call for protection and luck. While moving it counterclockwise, visualize the pouch repelling the bad, repelling accidents, repelling careless drivers, repelling motion sickness, repelling snow and ice. Clockwise motions –call in that which you wish. Counter-clockwise – push away that which you wish to avoid.

Set the pouch safely away but still near your candle until it is either burnt down or reached the end of your working – however you like to do it.

a lit purple candle and a finished purple pouch.

Close your ritual the way that you feel called to do so.

Place the pouch under a seat, in the glove box, somewhere out of the way where it won’t get under your feet but is in the vehicle.

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