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Simmer Pot Spell

Simmer Pot Spell

a pot of water on a stove coming to a simmer with orange slices, apple slices, herbs and spices.

For me, a simmer pot is an all-day sort of working. Today being Samhain, it’s a good day for many different kinds of workings but manifestations, setting intentions, and ancestor veneration are all very good types of working for this day. This particular simmer pot is a manifestation working.

I started this simmer pot before sunrise, with a nod to my favorite stars and I will simmer it on and off pretty much all day, turning it completely off when I need to leave the house but turning it back on when I return. Do not let the water burn out completely or you will hurt your pot.


  • Hotplate or stove
  • Clean pot
  • Water (I am using moon water but you can use whatever water you’d like)
  • Apples – sliced whole horizontally to reveal the interior star for all the elements, for nourishment, for health, and for the dead.
  • Orange – slice horizontally – for sweetness, luck, and money.
  • Cinnamon for success. I used Ceylon pieces I had on hand but you can use ground or sticks – whatever.
  • Clove for protection and money. I have whole cloves on hand but you can just as easily use ground.
  • Coffee beans for focus and for a bit of a boost to the overall spell.
  • All spice Berries – for money and luck
  • Rosemary – for protection, love, healing, and purification.
  • Thyme – for health, love, cleansing, and courage.
  • Dill – for protection, money, and love
  • Cardamom pods – for love
  • Juniper Berries – for protection, love, health, and cleansing.
  • Candle (I used an orange candle but you can use whatever you feel is appropriate)
  • Paper

You can add or subtract ingredients as you need to.

To begin, set your stage, open your circle, however you are called to do your spellworkings. For me, I start with music, in this instance, Dead Can Dance’s Spiritchaser album. I take several deep breaths, finding a nice center and visualize my space, a nice inclusive clear space to fill the energy I give to this working for myself and for those who have requested assistance.

I light my candle to begin.

I place the pot upon the stove and pour the water. Water is life. Water is the foundation and the carrier.

I turn on the heat. Fire is the energy. Fire is the key to change water to steam to carry the spell into the world.

I add each ingredient, pausing to project each ingredient’s properties, what they bring to the spell, what I am asking of them.

I take the slips of paper and write on them what I am asking for. I fold them, picturing their success and completion. I drip wax from my candle onto the fold, to bind the energy to the words. I place each packet into the water.

I stand over the pot, beckoning steam over me, around me, visualizing the success of my requests.

I turn down the heat to allow the pot to simmer.

I extinguish the candle.

I close the active part of my working, taking time to thank the energy I’ve asked in, to thank the elements, to acknowledge the parts they play.

I go about my day, checking occasionally on the water level and the activity of the boil. I will turn the burner off if I am leaving the house or doing something I cannot    quickly leave. Never leave a simmer pot completely unattended.

I will continue with this simmer pot until after sunset.


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