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Book Review: Kitchen Witch by Katie Haegele and Nadine Schneider

cover of the book Kitchen Witch by Katie Haegele and Nadine Schneider with a border of plants, with a mushroom, snake, rolling pin with the moon phases, knitting needles, and a crow across the top
Book cover

That humble bundle I linked to the other day, I totally ended up getting it. And this was the first book I opened, really not expecting a whole lot to be honest. Most books with Kitchen Witch on the cover have been pretty underwhelming for me. I was very pleasantly surprised.

There were a couple of moments that my gut instinct was to argue with the book and no sooner did the thought cross my head then the book answered my problem. I really love that. It shows me that the writers know what they’re writing and that they get the safety issues that so many authors overlook and that they aren’t just throwing words down to make a buck.

The book itself is structured well, each segment leading logically into the next. There are recipes for household and self-care things that are pretty solid and many of them are pretty close to what I make and use myself. It feels solid and well researched and, my favorite thing, like it has taken safety into consideration in the recipe section.

I can say that I absolutely would recommend this book to someone getting started in kitchen witchery who maybe donesn’t have a vast wealth of knowledge around sustainability, herbalism, or aromatherapy. The bibliography and resource links are excellent also.

I don’t know that I walked away with a lot of new information but its topics are literally what I’ve spent the last several years studying. Someone who hasn’t delved pretty deeply into the subjects mentioned above might have a lot of new info to add to their own daily use.


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