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Doing the Work

The other day, I posted a spell I did. It occurred to me later that someone with less exposure to witchery based things might not really understand that a spell without work is just a wish.

vase being turned on a wheel with clay caked hands. Photo by Meruyert Gonullu.
Photo by Meruyert Gonullu:

You can wish for things and they might come true, they might not but there’s not a lot within your own control there. A spell is more than that. A spell is calling to power, yes, but it’s also focusing your own.

If you cast a spell for success and prosperity and then sit on your butt, good luck seeing results! But if you cast a prosperity spell and then make the product, craft the sales, do the marketing, you’re putting your own power into the spell and are far more likely to see real results. Magic and witchery want participation. Just as gardens require tending, so too does witchery.

The work can look different for everything. It can look like actively working to change the words you use when thinking of yourself (self-love or glamour workings). It can look like filling out job applications. It can look like volunteering. It can look like taking a class and learning a new skill.

If you want something, magic can help you focus your power and energy and call on some doors to find their way open for you. Magic can’t walk you down the hallway – you’ve got to do that yourself.

It isn’t a cure but maybe it can help you focus all that good healing energy in the right way, to the right places, to help the medication. If you’re not doing the work, you might find things happen in ways you didn’t intend that might not be ideal or that victories are empty. Doing the work matters in all things, magic is no different.

For me, magic is a focus, an amplifier, a boost up. It is not a quick fix. It is not an answer in and of itself. Think of it like sourdough. The magic is the starter but it won’t last very long or do very well if you don’t feed it.


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