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Sigils & Spellworkings

Sigils get talked about a lot. And written about a lot. There are a couple of great methods available and walked through by Hearth and The Witch of Wanderlust and StarKissedVixen.

As a kitchen sort of witch who does a lot of spellworking in my cooking, I got a little bug to put a couple of my skills to use and make myself a new spoon. I have a couple of spoons that I love and use frequently but as proof of concept, I’m using a couple of regular, non-vintage, and mass produced wooden spoons picked up at any old shop.

When I set about making this sigil, I used the letter combo method and the words May My Spells All Manifest – dropping out the vowels and the duplicated letters gets me MYSPLNFT. I know the Y can really go either way but it’s also my favorite letter in the alphabet but I honestly couldn’t tell you why. I fiddled around with it until I had something that I liked the look of.

Now to do fun stuff with it!

First: the spoon.

Supplies: Sigil, wooden spoon, wood burner, pencil. And, if you’re like me and a bit on the clumsy and thoughtless side, get yourself a good pair of heat-proof or resistant gloves. They have saved my fingers from burns many many times as apparently, I cannot not touch the tip of my burner.

Take your sigil and your spoon and decide where you want to put your sigil on the spoon. I prefer the back of the spoon for the main sigil. You can get creative and add additional things to the handle.

The crafting itself is a spell. You are putting good manifestation energy into the sigil, into the spoon. You can personalize this in every way imaginable. You can drill a hole into the handle and add charms. I would not recommend painting it if you are going to be using it in actual food. I’ve got a few of these spoons in my daily use jar and the symbols hold up very well to use and to washing. I do not have a dishwasher so I cannot speak to their ability to survive one.

If you don’t want to do the work of the crafting, I have a couple in my etsy shop but it really isn’t difficult to do, if you have the tools and the time.

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