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Recommendation: The Green Witch

I thoroughly enjoy listening to other witches, even and maybe especially the younger generation. When I’m feeling stuck, old, whatever – watching or listening to or reading a new perspective is incredibly helpful for me. And I wish YouTube had been a thing when I was a young witch. I had the usenets, a couple of newsletters, and ICQ. And a library card.

Of the YouTube channels I watch, there’s only a couple that I subscribe to because they consistently put out quality content and I really want to support them. I’m not in a position to support their patreons but if I was, I would. Absolutely. And I encourage you, if you are in such a position, to do so as well. And if not – share and recommend them to others who might be interested.

One of the ones I consider to be the absolute cream of the crop is The Green Witch – apart from the content being interesting (which it is), her video quality and editing is superb. And it doesn’t hurt that sometimes (more recently anyway) there is footage of a place I lived for a couple of very formative years as a young child.

For a witch just starting out, she’s got a lot of good information. For an old witch who might be a little stuck in a rut, she has excellent energy and a youthful perspective. She also has a very soothing voice and a real knack for staging. A very good eye for the aesthetics of the shot and the lighting. She has a second channel for more of that also – which I also check in on from time to time.

For me, this particular resource is as much a calming, centering sort of thing as instructional. There’s a lot to be said for a soothing voice in your ear when you don’t have much socialization outside your husband, youngest child, and two dogs.

I’ve been a witch a long time but mostly alone in it so these channels and podcasts that I find and enjoy are an excellent way to have that feeling of community without going outside my home. I do have a tiny group I run on the book of faces but even that, still well within my comfort zone. The Green Witch is one of the few channels on my do-not-miss list. If you are in to witchy sorts of things, give her a watch. I’d love to know what you think!


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